Blockchain Platform for Provision and Payment of Wall Street Research

UAT is currently developing a research provision and payment platform that incorporates blockchain, smart contracts and token technology (based on UAT’s U.S. patents 8,078,522; 8,396,786 and 8,635,148).

The benefits of a blockchain-based research payments platform include increased efficiency, cost savings and process improvements in Wall Street’s commission management and research payments processes. With blockchain, every trade, commission, research conveyence and research payment are confirmed by the relevant parties and added to the immutable, encrypted and distributed blockchain. The results are increased transparency and reduced data conflict. Such a process can operate in real-time, post-trade or overnight.

In addition, a blockchain, token and smart contract- based research payments platform may serve as a foundation to help reconcile certain conflicting research payment practices between the EU’s MiFID II regulatory framework and the U.S.’s 28(e) legal structure while also reducing friction, enhancing the user experience (UX) and generating a two-sided network effect that increases both quantity and quality of research.

UNITED STATES PATENTS 7,786,057; 7,809,632; 7,831,503; 7,856,396; 7,912,783; 8,078,522; 8,121,935; 8,180,699; 8,285,634; 8,296,222; 8,396,786; 8,600,866; 8,600,867; 8,635,148 and patents pending in the U.S.