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Yes, I Want to Lower Commission Costs!
Yes, I Want to Lower Commission Costs!

About UAT

UAT Resources LLC is a Financial Technology (FinTech) company headquartered in Denver CO that delivers innovative solutions that help organizations efficiently control and direct their investment environment at potentially significantly reduced costs that translate to improved investment performance.

UAT delivers innovative solutions to the asset owner community. This market segment is generally underserviced. The result is greater cost savings through optimized trading and implementation services.

UAT maintains a unique position with asset owners as a valued provider of services. These services have the potential to improve performance. We deliver sales, marketing and operational support for UAT’s broker-neutral platform.

Now that you know more about us, let’s talk about how industry issues are impacting your total plan/fund performance.

Problems with Traditional Commission Recapture

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Asset Owners

> Administrative fees reduce potential savings.

> Asset Managers participating at levels well below expectations.

> Disappointing overall results.

Asset Managers

> Restrictive broker participation.

> Impacts best execution process.

> No control over commission splits.

Brokers – Dealers

> Poor economics for participating.

> Onerous reconciliation and reporting requirements.

> Step-outs lead to uncompensated executions.

Average Industry Participation of Less Than*
* Source: Tabb Group
Low Participation Rates Lead to Underwhelming Savings for Asset Owners.
Sub-Optimal Order Routing and Lack of Bulge Bracket Participants*
40% “Traded Away” at recapture provider.
30% Executed with participating network brokers.
30% “Stepped Out” to recapture provider.
* Meant for Illustrative Purposes
Low Participation by Asset Managers
Low Savings For Asset Owners

BOOMERANG Addresses the Traditional Problems

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Benefits to Asset Owners

> NO administration fees.

> NO required contract or lengthy setup.

> Increased expected manager participation and potential savings.

Benefits to Asset Managers

> Flexibility via broker-neutral platform.

> Control and determine commission splits.

> No need to trade away or step-out.

> Post-execution model easily integrates into existing workflow.

Benefits to Brokers – Dealers

> Control commission recapture pricing and profitability.

> Attract new order flow.

> Eliminate uncompensated step-outs.

Yes, I Want to Lower Commission Costs!
Yes, I Want to Lower Commission Costs!
Asset Owners

> Engage relevant Asset Managers.

Asset Managers

> Determine commission splits and reconcile monthly.


> Negotiate commission splits directly with Asset Managers.

> Direct commissions post-trade as requested by Asset Managers.


> Pay rebates to Asset Owner custodian or pay relevant expenses.

UAT Leadership

Joel Steinmetz — CEO/UAT Resources

20 years industry experience with significant broker dealer and asset manager relationships key to our success.

Andrew Brown — President/UAT Resources

14 years industry experience coming to UAT from having led our largest competitor’s business. His relationships are important to the growth of UAT.

David Collett — CFO & COO/UAT Holdings & UAT Resources

30 years of industry experience with a passion for best operating practices. David was the CFO for LPL Financial as they approached $1 billion in revenue and implemented internalization of securities clearing.

UAT Team

Find out how our industry experience drives our solution.

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